Whats eating my eggplant?


Supposedly ants dont eat garden plants and well– my eggplant plants aren’t getting any smaller — but I still dont like my garden being full of the little varmits.   Ants are one of the main reasons I gave up on traditional gardening.  They ate my corn two years in a row.   This guy  http://tylerstorey.blogspot.com/2008/06/bug-week-day-6.html  has actually watched some ants eating his eggplant.  He did still get a bumper crop of eggplant and just left them alone since his plants still seemed to do just fine even with the ants drinking the sap.  I am not so comfortable with this.  I dont want ants to turn my lovely Square Foot garden with it’s wonderful growing medium into a nursery for their larve. I kind of feel at war with them  ~ sigh ~ but I dont want to use pesticides on my plants– that’s one of the main reasons I am trying to grow my own veggies and herbs and fruits.   I dont like the pesticides and other chemicals that are abundantly used on store bought foods.  For now– the ants can have their fun sipping away at my eggplant stems– but I will be doing some reading to see how to rid myself of those little buggers.


Well, Summer  is over– Summer vacation is over anyway.  My kids returned to school.  Regular public school.  When I began this blog last year my daughter was attending Georgia Cyber Academy   it was a hard decision to send her back to Brick and Mortar school.  I feel it was the best decision.  When we began in GCA I was home most of the time and available to help her and her brother with their studies, but I had to return to work full time and there just isnt anyone closeby that can serve as learning coach for them.

My family is mostly computer and especially internet illiterate.  They chose to remain that way because they were sure they would never NEED to know how to use a computer.  Little did they know that practically everything would be done via computer just a few years into the new millennium.  Now anytime they have to do anything via computer– you guessed it — I am the one who has to sit and walk them through how to get from point a to point b and back again.  For the life of me, I dont understand why they cannot remember each time how to access their email— or use the scroll bar– or print a file — or well, practically anything more complicated than playing Solitaire.

Hmm– sounds like I’m griping.  Sorry about that.  It does get aggravating to be the only adult in the family that can use the internet– but I am thankful that I know how.  I love how I could just walk inside after tending my garden  and google “ants eating my eggplant” and be given 4 or five good ideas of how to get rid of them– or at least be comforted by the fact that I am not the only one whose veggies the pests have set up housekeeping under.  The best info I found for various health friendly ways of detering the little plant suckers is here at e.how.com.

Have a wonderful day everyone.   I am going to read my daily plan from FLYlady.net and get going on my routines.  Lots to accomplish today.

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